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Amigurumi Crochet Mermaid Free Pattern

Hello, ladies. Again with a free amigurumi recipe. In this content, we shared a beautiful mermaid recipe. By following us, you can be aware of new recipes every day.

Amigurumi Mermaid

Size: 14 inches from head to tail
Materials Needed:
Yarn: Red Heart Aran, Red Heart baby pink, Red Heart petal pink, Red Heart
aruba sea, Red Heart mint
Hook Sizes: F hook
12 mm safety eyes
sewing needle
stitch marker
fiber fill stuffing
black embroidery thread
rhinestones and blush
MR= Magic Ring
sc= single crochet
inc= increase
dec= decrease
(4 sc, inc) x 6= repeat pattern between parentheses 6 times

With Aran Yarn

1.6 MR x 6= 12

3.(sc, inc) x 6= 18

4.(2 sc, inc) x 6= 24

5.(3 sc, inc) x 6= 30

6.(4 sc, inc) x 6= 36
7-12. sc around
Place eyes between rows 10 and
11 leaving 6 holes between them

13.(2 sc, inc) around= 48
14-18. sc around

19.(6 sc, dec) x 6= 42

20.(5 sc, dec) x 6= 36

21.(4 sc, dec) x 6= 30

22.(3 sc, dec) x 6= 24

23.(2 sc, dec) x 6= 18

24.(sc, dec) x 6= 12

25).dec x 6= 6
F/O and sew hole in head closed

With Aran Yarn

1).6 MR
2-25. sc around
F/O and leave a long tail for sewing
With tail yarn color


1).6 MR

2).sc around

3.(sc, inc) x 3= 9

4.(2 sc, inc) x 3= 12

5.(3 sc, inc) x 3= 15

6.(4 sc, inc) x 3= 18

7.(5 sc, inc) x 3= 21
8-10). sc around

11.(5 sc, dec) x 3= 18

12.(4 sc, dec) x 3= 15

13.(3 sc, dec) x 3= 12

14.(2 sc, dec) x 3= 9
Do Not F/O 2nd Leg
Continue with tail:
connect fins with a sc
Sc around fins= 18
Now to make the rest of the body

and sc fins together= 18

1.(4 sc, dec) x 3= 15

2.(3 sc, dec) x 3= 12
3-6). sc around

7.(3 sc, inc) x 3= 15
8-9). sc around

10.(4 sc, inc) x 3= 18
11-12. sc around
17-18. sc around

19.(7 sc, inc) x 3= 27
20-21. sc around

22.(8 sc, inc) x 3= 30

23).sc around

24.(9 sc, inc) x 3= 33

25).sc around

26.(10 sc, inc) x 3= 36
27- 33. sc aroud

34.(4 sc, dec) x 6= 30
Change to Aran
35-37. sc around

38.(3 sc, dec) x 6= 24
39-41. sc around

42.(2 sc, dec) x 6= 18
43-45. sc around

46.(sc, dec) x 6= 12
47-48. sc around
F/O and leave a long for sewing

With tail color
Make an MR
4 tr into MR
sl st
4 tr
sl st
Pull MR tightly closed and leave a long tail for sewing
Sew the head onto the body. Make sure you add enough
stuffing to firmly support the head. Than sew the arms onto the
body. Than sew the bikini onto the mermaid. For the hair
take the pink yarn and wrap it around a book numerous times til you
feel you have enough hair. I use the hook and loop method but you
can get creative here with the mermaid’s hair. there are so many
ways of attaching hair. I use the double strand method and go
down a straight line from the front of the head to halfway down the
back of the head. I do that twice on each side of the head. Than
for the hairstyle you can get really creative with it. I
glue some rhinestones on the bikini and tail. Keep in mind that the
rhinestones are not suitable for children under 3. Embrodier some
eyelashes and add a little blush to the cheeks.

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