Amigurumi Doll Sweet Girl Free Pattern

Amigurumi Doll Materials: Charm yarn (cotton) in colors: 8001-White, 3526-pink, 7684-nude, 6218- Lilac and and yarn Bella color: 1785-brown. Hook 2.5 mm. Filler. Blue and white fetr for eyes. Safe Eyes 15mm. About 10 cm rigid multi-conductor wire to support the head. Sewing needle. Textile glue. Reduce: CA-Amaguumi Ring VP-Air Loop SS-Connecting Column RVN-Non-scale pillar PRSPs-Semi-stacked with scale PRSs-a column with a scale PR-Add UB-Ubava ()-The total number of loops in a row Hands. (2 pcs) Bodily Color Dial 4 VP 1) in the 2nd loop from the hook, 2 SBN, 3 in one loop, on the opposite side, 1 … Okumaya devam et Amigurumi Doll Sweet Girl Free Pattern